About the Founder

Mike Filsaime Mike Filsaime used PayPeopleOnline in all of 2009 while he beta tested the service for one full year. Mike Filsaime is a leader in the Internet marketing community and paid nearly $1 Million to his affiliates in 2009. Mike was able to keep track of all of his affiliates and was able to have a perfect set of records to provide the IRS for taxes. PayPeopleOnline was created by Mike Filsaime after he was audited by the IRS and had to pay 7 Figures in back taxes, penalties, and interest. He created this service so that not just he, but no one else would ever have to worry about keeping records for affiliates again. He realized the need for this service and he knew people would create a path to the door of PayPeopleOnline.com to also be able to use this service. And the best part, it is free for all vendors.

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