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Getting Paid (Affiliates/Payees)

Since PayPeopleOnline is a free service to Vendors that sell products and need to pay their affiliates, you can expect it to be used by 90% (or more) of people that are paying you commissions in the near future. If you are an affiliate, you are likely promoting through one of the popular affiliate programs or shopping carts on the Internet. Maybe you promote CPA offers or affiliate networks. Either way, we have you covered. Here are "Just Some" of the hundreds of networks we are designed to work with. See below...

Compatible with the great affiliate software programs below and More.

When a Vendor exports file data from any systems below with account data you provided when joining the affiliate program he/she will be able to pay your with our system when you join and create a free tax profile.

*We are not affiliated in any way with the programs above.
(other than

In fact, currently, some vendors that owe you money may be waiting to release funds to you as you read this.

In order to get monies owed to you now or in the future, simply signup for your free account today. You will be told as soon as you login if you are owed any money.

You simply have to create your account and "Tax Profile" just one time and it can be used for all vendors that ever want to pay you now or in the future. So make sure to take the time now to do this one simple step to sign so that you can ensure you get paid any money you have coming to you now and in the future.

Vendors use this service to help them keep their tax records in order for year end returns and to ensure that you get proper documentation to help you pay your taxes on time.

We charge you a small fee for this service. This "cost of business" fee is similar to a fee you pay to PayPal to receive money.

You will be happy to know that your tax information comes timely at year-end because our vendors use this service to get you what you need on time to get your taxes done before the filling deadline.

Vendors are still responsible to mail this to you, but you will have the information regardless to proceed without them if you like with the reports we provide you.

We protect your privacy and personal information. Your full TAX ID number is only released to vendors on initial approval. Then only after they pay you $600.00 USD or more will they have access to your Tax ID number so they may print out text forms for year end filing.

Make sure to keep your profile accurate. This information will be provided to the IRS. It is unlawful to intentionally provide false tax information on W-9 forms. You will create a Digital Signature when you join our service.

To see our fee schedule, please click on the fees link at the bottom of the page.

Create your account now to see if you are owed money and to ensure you get paid any money you are ever owed.


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