Why You Want To Use PayPeopleOnline

PayPeopleOnline will allow you to pay your affiliates and contractors only after you approved their profile for tax purposes.

You can pay them by check or PayPal MassPay or any way you like.

PayPeopleOnline uses a “mass pay” file as the control of your data import. Every affiliate software allows you to export your commission file in this format.

Here Are Just Some of The Compatibale Affiliate System We Work With

Simply upload it in your admin panel and it will email all your affiliates to create a TAX profile for you to review and "Lock In." You get to approve any changes they later make.

Affiliates that were already approved will be given to you in a file format of your choice. You can choose between either PayPal Mass Pay file, Quicken Export, or .csv / .xls, or file. You can use your choice file with PayPal, or to write or print checks.

We are compatible with the follwing systems to allow you to pay your affiliates.

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We also allow you to add “line items” for single payments as well as prizes to your affiliates. So if you buy your affiliate a prize like a "MacBook Pro" or a "Flat Screen TV" you can now add it to your records to write off your year end taxes and allow the affiliate to pay the taxes and not you.

We also have an "Import as Paid" feature so you can start using our service at anytime during the year. This is great if you already paid your past affiliates. You can upload your payment files as "paid" and get started today, or any time in the middle or end of a year.

You get all reports for year end tax preparation including 1099 forms and more to issue to affiliates and prepare your taxes. We also have information for all of your International Affiliates. And non US vendors will also like our system for all of the record keeping and reports we provide. Our system does not cost you 1 penny.

Sign up today for our free servicefor vendors and get started now.


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