Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule and How It Is Free To You

The cost to use our system as a Vendor is free. All tracking, profile management, reporting, for archiving etc is all free for you to use to track who you pay for legal year end reportin.

Your affiliate can rest assured the vast portion of money he/she earned stays in their pocket while allowing you the tools and service needed for proper recorded keeping to keep you in compliance and and out of trouble with the tax authorities.

The current fee deducted from the affiliates line payment is as follows (all in USD.)

As you can see, the fee is nominal and is considerably less than fees by popular companies like PayPal, Ebay, Western Union, ClickBank, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Google Checkout.

PayPeopleOnline.com generates revenue in what is referred to as "Ease of doing business fees" similar to banks charges at an ATM or the ease of getting money from PayPal.

We charge a very small "line item" service fee to the person you are paying. The fee is nominal, like PayPal's.

Affiliates understand these fees are necessary to help them get the proper records they need to pay appropriate taxes on time and receive timple payments. Vendors that fail to send proper records can actually send untimely, inaccurate, or miscalculated information to affiliates (or no information at all) that can cost affiliates fines and/or penalties later.

Affiliates also know they are required by law to keep proper taxes records and file accordingly and will be happy to have accurate and timely records.

This nominal fee, deferred to the affiliate, will ensure they are able to pay proper and applicable taxes as well. Your affiliates will also appreciate an all in one solution where they can see all of their commissions paid to the over the months and years all in one place for not just you, but everyone who pays them.

In the members area, we even provide vendors with many different seals to match their website along with copy paste text like the one below. This will let affiliates know when they are signing up for a vendors affiliate program that the vendor uses PayPaeopleOnline to keep proper tax records for all parties.

How is this fee paid by the affiliate?

We deduct it from the amount you (the vendor) have to pay the affiliate. So it is paid by you to us.

The old way when you had to pay $225.00 to an affiliate.

Essentially if you were to pay an affiliate $225.00 prior to using PayPeopleOnline.com, your cost to pay the affiliate was $225.00

Here is how it works for you as a vendor when your affiliate earns $225.00 when you use PayPeopleOnline.com.

1. Vendor's new file to pay the affiliate is $222.50 (The affiliate's fee of $2.50 is deducted on their behalf by you using our system automatically)
2. Vendor pays $2.50 to PayPeopleOnline.com to "Unlock" the payment file.
3. Vendor's file is released and you pay the affiliate with the data we provide you by your choice of Check or PayPal.com MassPay
4. Vendor's net cost to pay the affiliate is $225.00

As you can see, the vendor's net cost to pay affiliates is always $0.00. The vendor simply pay them less because the fee is deducted and paid by the vendor on behalf of the afffiliate and the transaction NET COST to the vendor is $0.00 - That is how the system if free for the vendor use. So make sure to get started today. Click here to get started



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